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Welcome, my name is Perry, and I offer certified soil-lab assessments.

Over the years my passion for growing healthy food led me to study the world of soil microbiology, for this is where the nutrient cycling for healthy plants all begins.


Even though I had been growing food for years, it was the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham that inspired me immensely. I followed her work and firstly certified from the foundation courses and then became a certified Soil Lab technician from the 'Soil Food Web' school which has given me the microscope skills and knowledge to help understand the intricacies of soil. My future desire is start and complete the consultantcy course that the school offers, this will educate me to become a soil food web 'consultant' and will expand my knowledge so that I can help clients with greater impact.


With this knowledge I have a desire to help others like yourself build the soil you need to grow healthy plants and crops the way nature grows, and thats without any herbicides, pesticides or inorganic fertilisers. Plants have a symbiotic relationship with soil microorganisms and this is what I find extremely fascinating.

I first started gardening in 2009 in Arizona USA at the Tree of Life rejuvenation centre where I was learning all about the vegan diet and and veganic growing. On my return to the U.K. I embarked on a 2 year biodynamic gardening apprenticeship. For the last 4 years I have also been growing fruits and vegetables in a market garden that supplies a plant-based restaurant in London. 


I have been wanting to understand how best to grow food in the most, ethical, moral, efficient and sustainable way possible, and I believe that taking care of the soil life is the way to achieve this.

I am passionate about working with anyone who wants to understand and improve the quality of their soil.

If you have any questions at all please get in touch.

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Certificate of completion
Soil Food Web foundation course

Certified Laboratory Technician

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