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Full lab assessment (approximate 2 hour breakdown)

Setting up the microscope and dialling in the correct focus 

Receive sample and prepare the correct dilutions 

Main assessment counting filamentous organisms, protozoa 

Nematode scan and count 

Bacterial dilution and count 

Total = approx 1hr - 1hr 30mins


Creating the report which you receive

Entering the counted microbe data into the spread sheet 

Creating your personal file to store the data for future reference 

Sending your attached reports by email 

Total = 30 minutes

Receiving pictures and or videos (if you choose this service)


Pictures and videos of your sample can be taking live in the moment when I am assessing the sample by using a camera which is connected to the microscope, and it takes no time at all really to capture the images/videos. The time that is involved when you receive pictures is when I have to download the pictures/videos from the software to my laptop, create and save the images/videos to a file in your name, and then transfer that data into a format that you can receive. I then upload the images/videos to the email that I send to you along with the report.

Total= 30 minutes

Microbe Media without the reports


This service takes around 60 minutes.

Businesses normally add into their pricing the 'running costs' of the business. As I operate on a donation bases I do not charge you this cost. Below is information that allows you to understand my business running costs which I must pay in order to run a professional business

Certification costs

In order for me to be a certified as a soil lab technician by Dr Elaine Inghams 'Soil Food Web school', it is required that I 're-certify' twice in 2022 (my first year certified) then once every year thereafter.

Total cost per individual certification = £120 ($150)


In order to run a soil lab I must buy adequate technological equipment which include; microscope, camera, laptop, microscope slides/ utensils and cleaning materials. 

Back end businesses costs

As  with most businesses I have on going running costs. In order to create a responsible and efficient business my back end business costs include; website, apps, accounting software, laptop and phone equipment. I pay sole trader tax on all earnings  that are over £1000 from 6th April 2021 to 5th April 2022.


Financial Transparency and Gift Economy

The services I offer and all of the information on this website is giving as a gift. I do not charge or have a set fee for the services offered. Whilst I don't have a set fee, I do ask that you be ethical and considerate for the time and energy I put in to be able to offer these services. The donations received go towards my living costs and continued education in the field of regenerative agriculture. The aim is to help as many people as possible create or regenerate their soil, so I really appreciate your donations.

Below is an example of how my time and knowledge is used to assess and create your reports. And finally I have provided an outline of some of the hidden costs that are needed to maintain and sustain a professional business

Thank you for taking the time to donate, I really appreciate it. If you require a donation guide, please click on the service you selected in the service page

The donation button below is PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account and wish to donate through other platforms such as 'Wise' or a 'bank transfer' please let me know and I will send you my details.

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