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Lab Services

To help tailor my services I provide different assessments to suit your needs. You are able to mix and match or just select just one of the services. Have a browse and select the different options to see which service best suits your requirements. 

Full lab assessment

The full lab assessment gives you a report with an estimate biomass of your microorganisms. The report also gives you your fungal to bacteria ratios. Click for more information

Quick assessment

A quick assessment is an economical way for me to have a browse through your soil sample. This option does not include a full lab report assessment, but by putting the sample under the microscope I give you a basic description of what is going on in your soil. Click for more information

Microbe media

A microbial photo shoot is a great option to choose if you just want to see images and videos of your soil with no reports. You can use this media to promote your business or to reflect and marvel and the organisms in your soil, should they be there. Click for more information.

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