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"We need biological testing to see whats happening in the compost we make as our goal is to make a 'complete compost' - a whole ecosystem with all of the beneficial micro-organisms in, to supply for regenerative gardening and farming.


The reports show us where we're at and influence our entire process - from what inputs we'll collect to what conditions we create for the compost over time.


It's been brilliant meeting & working with Perry whose helped us increase our understanding of this fascinating but incredibly complex universe in our compost & soil. We'll be using the Soil Redemption Lab for every batch of our compost." - Tom, Old Tree Soil, East Sussex. UK

"We were completely delighted with the service Soil Redemption provided, it has opened up a whole new world for us.

 Soil Redemption led us through the process of providing samples brilliantly, then the report, pictures and videos have all helped us enormously to produce a real Living Soil.

 I had no idea how crucial Soil Redemptions analysis could be until we had it – their work provides the key to our managing a process with informed choices rather than luck!" - 

Peter Macfadyen, Loop:Frome, Frome Compost CIC, UK

"Delighted with the results from a full soil food web analysis by my man Perry at Soil Redemption.

I always check under the microscope for an abundance and diversity of beneficial micro-organisms  but this thorough count exceeded what I thought I was producing"

Michael Kennard, The Compost Club, Lewes, Sussex

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