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What is the Soil food web and why should I consider a sample assessment?

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What kind of soil can be sent to be assessed?

Any soil including, but not limited to, compost, garden beds, large scale farming fields, forests, nature reserves, wild land in need of restoring etc. Also, liquid extracts and compost teas can be assessed.

How many samples should I send?

Full instructions will be given when your needs are assessed.

How do I send my samples

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Do samples go bad (anaerobic) in the post?

The best way to collect and send a sample is late in the day (if possible, no worries if not) and send the sample for a next day delivery. Essentially, they do not go bad in the post. 

Do I have to send the samples or can you come to me to collect it?

It is more efficient for you to send the samples to me, full instructions are given. 

How long will it take to get my results

It depends how may samples you send me. For quality of service I can realistically assess 4/5 samples in a day. I will aim to assess the samples on the day of arrival, or the day after, depending what time they arrive. I aim to have your results sent back to you on the same day as I assess the sample.

Why is the business based on a donation service, is it a charity?

The business is not a charity. I chose the donation business model as a way to offer the services as a gift, without any fixed charge, allowing the recipient to give monetarily how much value they feel they received, how impact-fully the service has helped them, and also how much they can afford. I only ask for clients to consider being ethical.

Why is there a suggested amount to donate?

Some clients have asked what the industry standard is in terms of charging for biological soil assessments. I researched many other companies worldwide and found the range for clients to evaluate themselves. This range is helpful for some clients.  

Do I have to donate in order to send my samples?

You do not need to donate, however, if nobody donates then I cannot run my business and services to help others. Your donations are greatly appreciated and help me offer this service to everyone. 

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