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Microbe Media

If you don't need a report, but would still like to receive some still images and video content of your soil samples, then this option is for you. 

I set up your sample under the microscope and focus on views that have the most life in shot. You will receive up to 10 still images and 2 videos. This service does not include any reports or explanations.

You can use the media from your soil samples to promote and showcase your business, whether thats for your website, events or merchandise etc. or you may just want to have a look at whats going on in your soil for your personal observations, either way, this option is an easy and great way for you to see what microorganisms are in your soil.

130222-Hargate park fungi.jpg
Pic 11 Testate + Fungi_edited.jpg

Testate Amobae

Fungal hypha

Bacterial feeding nematode

Donation range guide - Clients often ask me what is a typical donation, whilst it is not required to donate between the donation guide, below is an example of the range.

£50 - £90

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